Antão Music Fest

20 Julho, 2024

Imagine a party like no other

Welcome to RE-CORDIS where every beat is a memory, and every melody is a journey through time. Imagine a party like no other – atop a mountain with stunning views over the sea, river and beach, sorrounded by nature at its finest. In the north of Portugal, at the mouth of the Rio Minho. Get ready for a sensory experience. We’re not just listening to music, we’re living it. Every beat resonates through our souls, creating memories that envelop us in pure energy. Join us as we navigate captivating rhythms and deep sonic landscapes. Here, every moment promises adventure, connection, and euphoria. Music isn’t just what we hear, it’s who we are. Lose yourself in the beats, find yourself in the music. We’re not just experiencing music; we’re re-cording history one pulsating moment at a time. Be part of our journey where the music never fades, and the memories never die. Join us for the ANTÃO Music Fest 2024, on July 20th!